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Knives and daggers for outdoor

At we sell knives and daggers for all sorts of purposes. We have the best brands which include knives and daggers from Gerber, Helle, Vangedal and Light My Fire. All brands are unique in their own way. When it comes to Gerber, we also sell Gerber's Bear Grylls series which is designed and developed in collaboration with the former English SAS (Special Air Service) serviceman of the same name. He is known from the TV series Man Vs. Wild on The Discovery Channel. Gerber uses the most modern manufacturing techniques and uses specially selected steels to manufacture knives and daggers. This applies to all Gerber's products and not just the Gerber Bear Grylls series. The many brands mean that we can give our customers a wide and exciting selection of the bedst brands and most used products. Most of our employees are experienced with either the outdoor life, military and hunting. They are thus well equipped to guide and help you find the right products to meet the needs you may have.

Knives and daggers that suit you

At, we place great emphasis on quality - not only to the serious gear freak, but also to people who merely pursues a hobby and are on the hunt for some gear that really works. It's important that a knife or dagger is of a proper standard, so it won't fail you when it is needed. That's why our variety only includes products of great quality, so you, as a customer, are be sure to get equipment to take home that will last for many years. Common to many of our suppliers is that they themselves have a background in climbing, hiking, survival trips or the like. From their own experiences and based on challenges that they themselves have experienced, they have developed products that maintain an incredibly high standard, and they can become yours right here at Our large selection allows you get the exact product you are missing. The knives and daggers come in many different variations which is why we can find the knife that suits your needs together.

Knives and daggers at

In addition to Gerber and the Gerber Bear Grylls series, we also sell the Danish brand Vangedal, Norwegian Helle and Swedish Light My Fire. these brands are also known to be robust and of good quality. Knives and daggers from Danish Vangedal is mostly known for the classic scout knives which are used by many scout corps and scout groups in Denmark. The Norwegian brand Helle is especially known for producing everything by hand in the old-fashioned way which ensures a unique result in extremely high quality. Light My Fire makes their knives in collaboration with Mora of Sweden which always ensures high quality since Sweden has a proud history as a weapons manufacturer. Our selection thus has something for everyone and we have a wide range of brands that deliver some fantastic products all around.

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On our website you can see our large collection where you can read a little bit more about each product. In our webshop, you can view our large assortment and read about all of the items in peace and quiet. You also have ample opportunity to get advice. When you visit our webshop,, we are ready on our live chat to guide you and answer questions if you have doubts about something. You are, of course, also more than welcome to E-mail us at

At the same time, we have made sure that all trades are made under the best conditions and will always take place on the customer's terms. We have arranged it, so that you can shop safely because we can give you the best conditions. Among other things, you have 100 days to return the product(s). We offer quick delivery on products already in stock, price robot to adjust the prices and fast customer service. With our price robot, you can always be sure to get a sharp price when you shop online. We want to give our customers the best possible shopping experience when they shop with us. A part of that is, of course, being able to shop with a calm mind. We are looking forward to hearing from you.