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Large selection of scout knives, daggers, folding knives and tools

A good knife, multi-tool, Swiss Army knife, scout dagger and ax are an important and useful tool and a piece of work tool that can be quite indispensable if you are an outdoor enthusiast. A knife or dagger is a natural part of the scout uniform, as they can be included as an instrument in cooking when you are out in nature. It has many functional and practical features and purposes that make it easy to fix many small situations out in the open when you have the right tools in your pocket. At , we have of course gathered a good selection consisting exclusively of good quality products, and therefore we have chosen, among other things, to sell a solid selection of the popular brands Gerber, Vangedal, Helle, Victorinox and many many more.

When do you need a permit?

In a number of cases, it requires permission from the police to acquire, possess, carry or use certain knives at all. It depends on national law.

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Here with us at we have gathered a selection of knives, so you can find the right model in relation to what you need it for.

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Knives and tools

Knives and tools

Knives and tools