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What type of are you? Doctor child, Actionman or just the adventurous? No matter what category you fall into, and whether you are one or more of those mentioned - or a completely fourth kind - we have stuff for you, also in the electronics department. We understand that technology is becoming a bigger and bigger part of everyday life for many people, and often electronics can be a helping hand in the middle of the adventure or perhaps in the field. It can be in the form of lights and lanterns, watches, gps and navigation, audio, radio, Power Bank, a solar cell charger, an action camera or something completely different. Here at we have gathered a solid selection of various types of electronics.

Power on the go

Xtorm is the key word when we talk solar cell charger and power bank at Especially our bestsellers: Magma solar charger has an internal battery of 2000mAh, which means that it can charge most smartphones from 0-100%. It has a built-in USB port and the powerful LED light means that it can be used as a lamp, and then it can even be hung up in the built-in hook. Lava is a powerful universal mobile charger with built-in solar panel and in a rubber-coated matte finish. In its robust packaging and with its powerful 3.5 watt solar panel, this solar charger is excellent for outdoor use. The battery can hold up to 6,000 mAh, and can be recharged in just 8 hours of sunlight. The internal battery can also be charged from home, and it is possible to charge 2 phones at the same time. Power Banks from Xtorm can also be used in many contexts - for example, they can be taken in the wilderness, or they can be used by ordinary mortals as back up to the mobile on the trip or at work, at work or at school - anywhere you might need extra power. Just charge it up and it's ready to go! Xtorm Power Bank won the RedDot Design Award 2013. We can well understand why: Xtorm Power Bank in stylish brushed aluminum with a storage capacity of 7300 mAh, can recharge an average smartphone up to 5 times! The Power Bank 7300 works on all Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, and can even charge two devices at the same time.

Electronics in good quality

When it comes to electronics, it is often of great importance that the electronic products are of good quality. There is nothing worse than electronics that fail and do not work, or quickly lose power. Therefore, it is essential that the electronics are of good quality. At we only sell all the cool gear, and therefore we have of course also collected the coolest selection of electronics in all forms. We have a large selection especially in watches. In this category you will find something for everyone, whether it is for everyday use, for hunting or whether it just needs to be robust and functional, because you are a real outdoor person. There are many different variants, all of which possess a number of cool features. Many of the watches are also available with built-in GPS function, which is super convenient. There are plenty of options for finding exactly the product you are looking for. Click on the individual products to read more about the specific specifications of the individual products.

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We hope you can find the electronics you are missing, and if you have any questions regarding electronics or anything else from our webshop, you are of course welcome to contact our customer service staff, who will do what they can to help you if you should have questions about the products or anything else. You can contact the staff at the email address for written inquiries.

Did you know that we offer fast delivery? This way you can have your new electronics with you after a very short time. This way you avoid too long a waiting time, and you can thus quickly get your new products in use. At we have a number of cool customer benefits, which you can read much more about under "Information" at the bottom of the page. One of our other advantages is that you are always sure to be able to shop at the best prices on the market. You can also read much more about this benefit. Enjoy.