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GPS and navigation

Equipment like GPS and other types of navigation equipment are pretty much indispensable. Fortunately, these remedies are readily available in this modern, digital world. Especially if you are far from home, where you need to find your way to new places, or if you are in the wilderness and need help finding your way. There are different types of tools and products to choose from when you are in the category of GPS and navigation. First, there is the GPS, which has become a very common tool today. Most people are probably familiar with the GPS system that is automatically installed in our smartphones. Admittedly, this system is sufficient for everyday use, and when you basically only need to find your way to a specific destination. If you need more useful functions than just a guidance function, then you have come to the right place. Our range of GPSs basically consists of handheld GPSs, all of which have a sea of useful features that can be hugely useful if you are going on a hike and exploring the big world. You can read more about the individual models under the GPS category.

GPS and navigation via a compass

A really good navigation device that works perfectly as a complement to your handheld GPS is a compass. If you are going out into the big world and exploring nature on your own, it is highly recommended that you acquire a compass. A compass does not run out of power and is thus always a safe navigation device. When you are in the wilderness, you are far away from access to electricity. And even though our handheld GPSs are known to have an incredibly long and durable battery life, you can never be 100% sure, and at some point, it will need power. Therefore, you are always on the safe side with a compass that you can use as a kind of backup. A compass is also a good and reliable tool for navigation, and you will definitely not regret having one like this lying in your bag - just in case.

Waterproof card holders

Despite all the technology and the ability to find your way through electronic equipment, you will never go wrong with a real card in physical paper form. With waterproof card holders, you can be sure to keep your card dry throughout the trip. Once the card gets wet, it will not be easy to use. Therefore, it can be recommended to invest in a card holder that makes sure to keep it dry along the way. It is quite convenient to bring a physical card wherever you go. You can always count on a map in true paper form, and then it is always an ingenious addition to your digital navigation equipment. The card pockets are available in different sizes and models, so there is plenty of opportunity for you to find the size that best suits you and your personal needs.

GPS and navigation at

At , we know that it is important to have control of your navigation equipment when staying in the wilderness. You should never go for good equipment for navigation, and therefore you can here at also find a good and solid selection within the category. With us, we always make sure to be able to offer you the coolest gear.

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