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Military backpack

At we have a large selection of military backpacks and bags of high quality and in all sizes and colors. All bags in our range are made of durable materials and are created for use in extreme conditions. Our selection is aimed at all soldiers, whether you are going on training, a trip on the shooting range or on a longer patrol.

High quality military backpacks and bags

We specialize in selling military backpacks and bags that meet the high standards of military equipment. With a daypack from , it is possible to keep track of all the pieces, so you can always be ready for the tasks and challenges that the day brings. Our military backpacks are available in a wide variety of colors, ranging from MultiCam to sand / desert, black and green colors. Therefore, it is always possible to find the military backpack that suits exactly the conditions you are under. So whether you are serving in the Army, Navy, Air Force or Home Guard, we have a backpack for you.

A military backpack for any situation

If you are looking for a bag or backpack for your special gear, you have come to the right place. Of the different types of equipment, there are those that are ideal for transporting everything from weapons, ammunition and explosives, to MRE's, water and other gear you need when you are in BSO, yes even toilet gear. On our weapon bags, the focus is on being able to transport a weapon in a safer and more discreet way than a classic weapon box allows. The materials are durable and available in several different sizes for different weapons, and they naturally fit rifles M / 95, M / 96, M / 10 and M / 16. We also have a good selection of smaller bags and daypacks - ranging from 3 to 100 liters, where there is the possibility of great adaptation to all kinds of functions and environments.

Military backpack for many purposes

Whatever the purpose, we have the military backpack you need. We can also offer comfortable and spacious sports bags in many different colors that can be used as an equipment bag to and from the barracks, but also as a sports bag when you need to train - a practical sports bag is a must. Of the qualities of our sports bags can be mentioned extra many compartments, which e.g. makes it possible to keep clean and dirty clothes separate, which can often be practical, after both training and staying in the field. can offer you quality brands such as Tactical Tailor, 5.11 Tactical, BLACKHAWK!, Tasmanian Tiger and CamelBak - and thus make sure you do not go down on equipment!

At we have a large selection in all sizes. So whether you are going on a one-day patrol or operations of several days duration, we have a military backpack that will cover your needs. Our military backpacks are specially equipped with compartments, which are made to store equipment for everything from paramedics to EOD. With a military backpack from , you can keep track of the pieces, so you are always prepared to face and solve the problems that may arise in a sharp situation.