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First aid and survival equipment

When you are on a trip or expedition in nature, unexpected situations can quickly arise. Here it is important to bring the right equipment that can ensure you first aid and survival when it really matters. At we specialize in selling equipment for survival and first aid of high quality and for many situations. In other words, we can offer you first aid bags and survival equipment for everything from hiking to expeditions or water sports, where there are different requirements for what equipment to bring.

Buy your first aid or survival kit from us

At our online shop you will find only reputable brands that specialize in producing quality products for survival and first aid. When it comes to first aid bags, the Life Systems brand is at the very top. They have won several awards for their good equipment, adapted for many different purposes. Life Systems has made pre-packaged first aid bags filled with the content you need depending on the situation you are in. For example, their Adventurer first aid bag which is perfect for outdoor and tent trips, while their Mountain and Mountain Leader first aid bags are for the more hardcore hikes where can take a long time before help arrives in an emergency. For the smaller trips or for sports such as mountain biking, it is definitely recommended to bring one of the small Light & Dry first aid kits.

Cheap first aid and survival kit online

At we know that everyone has individual needs when it comes to survival and first aid. That is why we focus on having a large selection that makes it easier for you to find exactly what suits your needs. Neither survival nor first aid equipment need cost a fortune. We offer a large selection of brands in the various categories, so you can choose equipment at the price that suits your budget. is happy to welcome you to an online shop that has exactly what you need for survival and first aid.

First aid and survival in nature

When you are in nature, it is important to be prepared for any situation that may arise. It can, for example, be an unexpected change of weather or an injury that can quickly become a problem if you are not prepared and have brought the correct equipment. In addition to our first aid bags, we also have a lot of equipment for survival in nature, where we can, among other things, offer survival packages that contain the essential equipment for survival. Among other things, we have a survival kit from Gerber, developed in collaboration with survival expert Bear Grylls, known from TV. In addition, we have a good selection of campfire starters that can ensure you a campfire that can not only give you the heat, but which can also act as an emergency signal in a pressured situation. Our thermal blankets are also a must-have when it comes to strong cooling in the event of, for example, damage.