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Hiking boots for different purposes

It is crucial to have the right footwear when you move in nature, and therefore the choice of hiking boots should not be random. For example, you should not compromise on quality as it can result in blisters, tired feet and in the worst case injuries. Fortunately, quality is not something you have to worry about on this page, as we care a lot that all products are of extremely high quality. That is why we also sell a number of good brands such as 5.11 , Hanwag , Salomon and ECCO , all of which are brands with a strong focus on quality. If you choose a pair of high quality boots, you can enjoy them on many hikes as they also have a good durability. We can therefore guarantee that you will not be disappointed from here if you buy footwear from us.
Hiking boots are specifically referred to as footwear that is specially designed and manufactured for the simple purpose of protecting both your feet and your ankles on hikes. On hikes, you walk many steps and wear the boots for many hours at a time, so it is important to have good hiking boots that provide optimal support when you are physically active. Footwear is the most important thing when it comes to hiking. They have to take care of the most essential thing you need on a hike - your feet. It is your feet that should carry you all the way, and to avoid the feet getting damaged by the hike, you should prioritize the right footwear. It is important that your boots ensure you support and comfort. It is crucial for a hiker's ability to walk many kilometers completely without inflicting any injuries on himself.
Maybe you have also thought a bit about what exactly is the specific difference between a pair of hiking boots and a pair of hiking shoes? We can understand that, because it is also reminiscent of each other in the name, but there is actually a difference between these two concepts. The primary purpose of the hiking boot is not only to protect your foot, but also to provide a much better grip on your ankle, so you avoid getting injuries in the form of wiggling on the foot. In this way, the high cut optimally provides the most support in relation to the shoe. In addition, it also protects more, as the high cut also helps to protect against other factors that can damage your ankle on a hike, and you are also better protected in relation to bad weather. The disadvantage is that it can seem a little more clumsy, and that it is thus also heavier and takes up a little more space in the backpack. The hiking shoe is designed just like a regular shoe. That is, without the high cut, and the shoe thus ends at the ankle. They are good for shorter day trips with light packing. In terms of weight, they weigh somewhat less than the others, and thus also take up significantly less space in the luggage. When choosing a pair of boots, comfort is essential so that you can have a good experience when hiking outdoors. You will only find high quality hiking boots on our site.


All the models on this page are of such high quality that they can be used for a lot of different purposes. We have a large selection that is ideal for hiking, as they are incredibly durable while being comfortable and providing maximum support. We take great pride in offering high quality equipment, and therefore several of our models are also suitable for military and police as well as outdoor activities such as hunting. When choosing boots, you should consider buying a pair that is waterproof and breathable. You may have noticed that a number of our products say Gore-Tex. Gore-Tex is a quality stamp, which shows that the product is both breathable and waterproof. In fact, all Gore-Tex products have a membrane that prevents any water from penetrating. This gives you hiking boots that can withstand all kinds of weather. You can read more about Gore-Tex right here . When choosing hiking boots, fit is incredibly important. Footwear should be close to the foot so that the foot does not rotate, but there must also be room for your toes to move. Remember that price and quality are often linked. You need to consider what you are willing to give, but at the same time make sure that you do not compromise on a very significant part. Injuries and twists in the foot and ankle can quickly put a stop to a good hike. Therefore, you need to carefully select are pairs that suit you and your needs and that support your foot in the best way.


On this page you will find different hiking boots with many different designs. Furthermore, you will find different colors such as black and brown. In addition, you will find some both with short shaft and long shaft, so you can get some that have the look that you want. However, whether you choose short or long shaft should not only depend on your preferences according to design. The shaft also helps to provide support for your ankle. If you are going on longer hikes and if the terrain is uneven, you should choose a pair with a high shaft, as this will reduce the risk of twisting. As described, you especially need support in the shaft if you come in uneven terrain, but you also need maximum support if you go with heavy packing. You must therefore choose according to the conditions you want to use your hiking boots under. At we have a large selection, and therefore it does not matter if you are a hunter, soldier, scout or a hiker. We have the footwear that you are missing. You can read our guide to help you make your choice right here . It's actually not just the right footwear we have ready for you. We also have a wealth of indispensable accessories. Among other things, we have a selection of hiking socks, so you get maximum comfort on your hike. We also have waterproofing, so you can keep your feet dry during your entire trip outdoors. In addition, you can extend the life of your boots so you can get the most out of them. See our guide on how to best take care of your footwear with impregnation right here . You can buy your new hiking boots at


Are you looking for the perfect hiking boots? Then you have come to the right place. We always have high quality products at good prices, and we often have sharp offers. You can buy products around the clock online at You are also welcome to visit our showroom at Gunnar Clausens Vej 58 in Viby J. Here you can see and try our hiking boots. We take great pride in providing good customer service, and therefore we have a number of benefits for you when you shop with us. We have, among other things, day-to-day delivery of stock items, free exchange and price guarantee. Price guarantee means in all its simplicity that if you find the same item at another Danish store, we offer a price guarantee and an additional 15% of the difference. All the benefits should make it easy and convenient for you to shop footwear online. Are you interested in our gear universe? Then you can see more if you follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Here we regularly post notices about us and our cool products. If you want to be constantly updated on news and cool offers, you can also sign up for our newsletter. Then you will receive weekly updates in your inbox about the latest on With the high quality and the large selection, we hope and believe that you will find exactly the footwear that you are missing on this page. If you have any questions, you are very welcome to contact us at or phone 71 99 63 61. wishes you a lot of fun.