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Footwear and socks

Good footwear and socks play a crucial role when moving around in nature. Depending on whether you are staying in a hot or in a cold climate, then you need to have just the right footwear and socks with custom features. To avoid blisters and worn and tired feet, you should always choose high quality footwear and socks. Furthermore, if you need to pass wetlands, then hiking boots with a GoreTex or SympaTex membrane are absolutely indispensable. Poor footwear and socks can make you immobile and reduce your ability to climb the terrain optimally. Therefore, it is important never to compromise on footwear and socks.

Footwear and socks for many purposes

On this page, we sell a large selection of good brands. Some of our footwear comes from American BLACKHAWK! as well as from the American brand 5.11 Tactical. Two major brands that for years have partnered with the U.S. military and the FBI to develop the best footwear for soldiers, police and intelligence. This means that all our footwear has been tested for use in many different environments and in sharp situations, and therefore you will simply not find better boots than these. It does not matter if you are a soldier, a hiker, a scout or something completely different - our footwear can be used by everyone, for everything and not least everywhere.

For example, if you are going hunting, you need to have some hunting boots or other footwear that can withstand and that is robust. Fortunately, we can help you with that. We have footwear for hunting and other outdoor use that can be used for even the toughest task. That way, you can follow in the footsteps of some of the best and most extreme hunting enthusiasts by acquiring a pair of our modern and stylish hunting boots. Our range offers a mix of elegant and resistant footwear, which gives you a solid starting point, whether you are going hunting in the woods or hiking in terrain, which places high demands on your fitness and equipment. Here we make sure that you, together with our competent employees, find some shoes that give you a less challenging challenge. With hunting boots or hiking shoes from us, you get the best starting point for a good walk in nature. We have footwear from the best suppliers. The range includes solid and recognized brands such as Härkila, 5.11, Salomon and ECCO. That way, you are sure to be able to find footwear that fits exactly what you are standing and need to use them for. Whether it is safety shoes, everyday shoes or sandals for different purposes.

Good footwear requires good socks

As a compliment to your outdoor footwear, it is important to have good socks that can support the good properties of the footwear. On this page you will therefore also find a good selection of socks in good quality, which are intended for sports and outdoor activity, where it is important that the feet can breathe and be kept warm or cool depending on the climate you are in. A large part of the socks we sell have different shock-absorbing areas that ensure you can endure hiking for an entire day. We sell, among other things, socks from 5.11 Tactical, Horizon and Savotta.

Footwear and socks for the smart hunter

As a hunter, you need to be able to lie and wait in all kinds of weather or sneak slowly through woods and fields. Therefore, a pair of capable hunting boots is indispensable. With a good pair of hunting boots, you will be able to sneak around almost silently and keep your feet warm and dry while hunting. At we have a large selection and common to all our products is their incredibly high quality. You will therefore not regret it if you buy your hunting boots from us. Many of our employees have a great passion for hunting and even go to the forest a lot when various hunting seasons start. Therefore, you can be sure to be in good hands when you go out and buy hunting equipment. We have the know-how you need and are ready to guide you to find the equipment and gear you need. That way, you always get an expert answer.

Anyone who has been hunting knows that there is a risk of getting into some weather that could put your equipment to the test. Therefore, it is essential to be properly dressed so that rain, sleet, storm and other things do not become an obstacle. With gear from, you only have to focus on your goal. We only sell brands in incredibly high quality, so you will be satisfied with your purchase. It is important that your footwear and socks not only look good. It must also be practical, and these are the ones you buy at Many boots are water-repellent, so you can be sure to come home with dry socks after a long day of hunting. The right footwear is also important on the duck hunt. When you have to move in the water's edge, you can easily sink in a little. No matter if you hunt in the reeds near the water's edge or sail in a boat or barge, you can be sure that your feet will stay dry, and your shoes or boots will, even after a lot of mud encounter, be easy to clean and get fine again. A boot from the brand BATES also exudes quality. The sole is rock solid, and despite being water-repellent, the shoe still allows for breathing. Along with all the cool features that make it a stable shoe, it has also been taken into account that the design must be in order, for those who may also be a bit fashion-conscious. In short, we have put together an assortment and selection that caters for everyone and that has been thoroughly tested by professionals with knowledge of, good footwear and socks.

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Footwear and socks from can handle even the toughest tasks. Whether you need your boots for hunting or outdoor trips, there is no doubt that you are in a good position with robust footwear and socks from We have, among other things, fast delivery of stock items, low prices and 100 days of exchange. We are ready to help you by email or phone if you need help. Really good fun with your purchase.