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In this category you will find a lot of military gear, which is suitable for use in the Armed Forces, the Police or as a private bodyguard. We strive to have the best military equipment and equipment for especially Danish soldiers. We can therefore offer a large selection of OAKLEY and Wiley X fragrance glasses, CamelBak drinking systems, Tactical Tailor combat vests with many associated Tactical Tailor MOLLE bags, RUSH daypacks from 5.11 Tactical, BLACKHAWK! equipment such as military gloves, fire-retardant dusters, equipment bags, and knee and elbow pads. In addition, we also sell weapon equipment and accessories, including various grips, Magpul, rifle straps and much other weapon equipment for your rifle. If you are in the military as a seconded soldier, you can get sent to your field mailing address. Read more about this under " Deployed Soldiers ".


MultiCam was developed by the US Army, which simply decided that all operations after Afghanistan in 2010 would be properly equipped with equipment in the so-called MultiCam pattern. Since then, this pattern has become a clear feature and not least standard for the military. The pattern is available in several variants, but the most well-known and used are the colors green, gray and sand-colored. The pattern was developed to effectively visualize people operating in different types of physical environments and times of the year. In this way, one can camouflage oneself significantly better, which significantly strengthens security in serious, military contexts. There are five different versions of the recognized pattern. The versions are called MultiCam, MultiCam-Arid, MultiCam-Tropic, MultiCam-Alpine and MultiCam Black. Which version to choose depends entirely on the context in which you are to use the camouflage clothing. Therefore, there is no one right pattern, as it depends on the situation, conditions, terrain, etc.

As the Armed Forces has chosen to switch to the new MultiCam uniform, it also means that we carry many pieces in the color MultiCam. Being able to offer a wide range of military equipment in MultiCam is something we have a strong focus on. We want to be involved when changes are made, and thus adapt to trends so that the military equipment you find in our military shop is always up to date. This should also be reflected in the many major brands we sell, including OAKLEY, CamelBak, Tactical Tailor, BLACKHAWK!, Wiley X and 5.11 Tactical.


When you buy equipment on, you can be absolutely sure that the equipment has been tested and approved, cf. military standards. Virtually all of our military products are used today by the U.S. military and by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which are two institutions with the most stringent requirements for military equipment and materials.

We assume that all the equipment you buy on our webshop is quality equipment that is 100% suitable for use in really sharp military combat situations. We know that our equipment can ultimately determine life and death, so therefore we take no chances. Should we unexpectedly receive less good feedback on any military equipment, we will remove it immediately from the website and notify the supplier. At , we do not dare to take the risk, and we will only sell quality equipment that we can vouch for.


If you are looking for products for military use, you have come to the right place. At our webshop you will find a large selection of products, equipment and gear that have been developed specifically for military use. When you shop at, you are guaranteed the best price on the market, we always offer free delivery when you buy for more than 100 GBP, and you always have a full 100 days of exchange. If you have any unanswered questions or anything else you want to ask our staff about, remember that you can always contact our customer service both by phone and by email, where our skilled staff is always ready with advice and guidance. Our email is