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3 Person Tents

3 person tents

On this page you will find a large selection of tents. For the sake of clarity, we have divided our selection by size, and on this page you will find 3 person tents. Tents are used in nature, and they must therefore be able to withstand a little of everything. Therefore, it is important that the quality is top notch, which is why we only have brands that produce equipment that does not compromise on quality. We have brands such as the Grand Canyon, MSR, Nordisk, Robens and The North Face, all of which are among the leading brands in this area.


You can be sure that all the 3 person tents you see on this page are extremely functional. The tents are all robust and can withstand many different weather conditions. Furthermore, they are made so that they are easy to take on hikes. They fill and weigh minimally. Due to the large selection, we definitely have something to suit you and your needs. When you have to choose a 3-person tent, we recommend that you look at the specifications of the individual products. Here, water column pressure is, among other things, good information, so you know if it can withstand the conditions you want to use it under.

We offer 3 person tents in different price ranges, so you can decide for yourself how much money you want to spend on it. When you need to buy a 3 person tent, there are many different things to look for. It can be anything from price, quality, weight and functionality. At we have a wide selection, so we definitely have something you can use.


Our 3 person tents can be used in many different situations including on hikes, expeditions and family vacations. Since they can be used in different situations, they are also available in different price ranges so you can find one that suits your desire. If you have not found the right size, we sell in other sizes too. We also have a lot of extra equipment for when you need to spend the night outdoors. We have, among other things, footprints, sleeping bags, sleeping pads and much more, which can be helpful the next time you need to spend the night outside.


We at hope that you have found a 3-person tent that suits you and your needs, regardless of whether it is to be used for hiking or family holidays. We often have good offers and sales on our products, so you have the opportunity to get a good price.

At , we take pride in providing good customer service, and therefore we have, among other things, fast delivery of stock items and 100 days exchange. We have a great passion in the military, outdoor and hunting, and therefore we use our products when we are out in nature.

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