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Hunting clothes

Here at we know that as a hunter it is both nice and not least important to be in possession of the right hunting clothes that are both robust and solid. In addition, the hunting clothing must be able to withstand even the most ungrateful wind and weather that it may be exposed to on a hunt. In addition, it is important that your clothes have a good camouflage so that you are not spotted when you are about to sneak into your prey. Here on our site you can find a large selection of clothing with different colors and camouflage, which you can use to advantage on the hunt. At , we place great emphasis on having an assortment of quality products, which is why you get the best products on the market from us, which you will be happy and satisfied with. In addition, we want to give you good prices, and therefore we have a price guarantee on all our products, so you are guaranteed to get Denmark's cheapest equipment right here. We can thus offer you a good variety of hunting clothes, for example trousers, jackets, gloves, shirts and hats from high quality brands that offer good clothing for hunting, such as Härkila , Sitka , Deerhunter and many more.

Find the perfect hunting outfit

A really good jacket is important when you need to spend several hours in nature in search of your prey. The weather is often challenging with both wind, rain and sleet - therefore we dare to guarantee that waterproof clothing will come in handy. A breathable jacket in camouflage is a good solution for most situations, and if you choose a thinner version, you can easily insulate yourself further with several layers when needed on the really cold days. If you mostly use your jacket for pürch, it is also important that it is extremely quiet and preferably silent, so that you do not scare the game when you move around after it. With our very large selection, you have the opportunity to find exactly the hunting clothes that you are missing, and which you will greatly enjoy for the next many years. When you go hunting, it is a good idea to know how the animal sees you and its surroundings so that you can camouflage yourself in the best possible way. Many ungulates are color-blind, but despite this, they can actually still perceive contrasts well. This therefore also provides an explanation of why you should always choose clothes in shades of green so that you fall best into nature. At we have, among other things, clothing parts from the brand Sitka, which has developed Optifade camouflage, which camouflages you perfectly out on the hunt. The process of developing the perfect camouflage has been long, and Sitka has sought the help of various experts who have provided the right and necessary knowledge to find the perfect camouflage.

Gear in durable materials

When you need to buy new hunting clothes, a good pair of trousers for the purpose is alpha and omega, if we have to say so ourselves. We also believe that it is better to spend the extra money on something proper so that your hunting clothes do not break after a few uses, and therefore we have also selected our range after it is durable and durable products that can stick to a little of each. Here on our site you will find hunting clothes made of durable materials, which also have good breathability, and which are extremely comfortable to wear when you have to move through the terrain in different conditions, wind and weather. Therefore, you will also find a large selection to suit the different seasons in several different colors and kinds of blurs. When the hunting season reaches the coldest days, it is important to have good clothes on, because otherwise you will freeze, and that does not make the hunting experience particularly good. On this page you can therefore find a large selection of hunting clothes that can be built as a layer system, because it is better to be able to take off than to lack something to be able to put on. We have, for example, softshell jackets and fleece, which you can easily use under a good and warm jacket, so you do not freeze out on the hunt, and these intermediate layers can be easily removed if you get it too hot.

Buy your hunting clothes at

At you can find a matching set of trousers, shirt and cap for perfect camouflage in the woods. From the brand Sitka Gear, we currently have a matching set of Optifade treatment, which is comfortable and not least nice to look at. For the cold months, it can be nice to be in possession of gloves. Here we have a large selection that enables you to keep warm and operate your rifle or shotgun at the same time. Most of our gloves are made of durable and windproof material that ensures you optimal conditions. On this page, we regularly update our range of hunting clothing, so you can always find the equipment you need. You can buy it all online on our webshop, where we offer free shipping on purchases over 100 EUR and fast delivery on all our stock items, so you can enjoy the hot days of summer and warm evenings as soon as possible tomorrow.

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Hunting clothes

Hunting clothes

Hunting clothes