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When you are out in the open, whether you are hunting, being an outdoor enthusiast or perhaps working in the military, it is crucial that you do not freeze. If you need to avoid freezing, then a really good place to start is to invest in some comfortable and warm outerwear. Outerwear is the most important layer when it comes to keeping warm, and it is therefore important that you certainly do not compromise on quality when choosing your new outerwear for the hunt. A good warm hunting jacket is the best place to start, as it is the alpha omega when it comes to being able to keep warm in the cold weather. When you go hunting, it is important that your outerwear matches the form of hunting that you cultivate. If you pürscher, then it is important with light and silent outerwear, while with decency hunting it is important with a warm set of clothes, especially in the cold winter months. When buying a new jacket, there are many factors that come into play: Should the hunting jacket be extra warm? Should it be waterproof? Windproof? Should it be breathable? All of these questions are easiest to answer by asking yourself the question of what form of hunting you most often practice. Most hunters, however, have a minimum of two hunting jackets: one for winter hunting and one for buck hunting, but you can easily supplement with more. Do you cultivate e.g. a lot of sea hunting, a waterproof and windproof hunting jacket can be a huge advantage, while a fleece jacket can keep you warm, while being breathable when you pürscher. You must therefore always remember to decide which material you consider to be best for your personal needs, wishes, preferences and purposes. Not all materials are ideal for all situations, and therefore you should carefully consider what is the most advantageous material so that you get the most out of your new hunting jacket, and thus can be happy with it for many years. in the future. In any case, we think this is a really good place to start. If you are in doubt about what to choose and which material will best suit your needs, remember that you can always call or write to our skilled and competent staff in our customer service, who will advise and guide you in the best way. show so you click the right real hunting jacket in the basket. Should it unexpectedly not live up to your expectations, remember that we at always offer 100 days free exchange.

The camouflage is important

One of the most essential things when it comes to a hunting jacket is that it not only keeps you warm and has the right material, but it is certainly at least as much about the fact that it also makes sure to hide you so well as it can when you are out hunting. Therefore, the color choice does not matter when it comes to choosing your next hunting jacket. Then you might think that it is not very relevant as the vast majority of ungulates are not able to perceive colors. But here we just want to emphasize that even though most ungulates are color blind, they can still figure out how to perceive contrasts, and therefore camouflage is crucial if you are to expect a good hunt without scaring all the animals away based on the fact that you have chosen the wrong color for your hunting jacket. It would then be a shame to prevent yourself from getting a good hunt based on the wrong color choice on your outerwear. When it comes to finding the right hunting jacket, we always recommend camouflage if you are on a form of hunting that requires you to hide from the game. What often scares a deer e.g., when hunting is for rapid movements or the contrast between the green / camouflaged hunting clothes and then the bright hands or the bright face. The most important thing for a buck hunter - and for that matter also other hunters, such as. pigeon and crow hunters, is therefore to cover the whole body in camouflage and make sure that you go in one with nature behind, so that in this way you become as invisible as possible in nature. Precisely for this reason, many hunting jackets at are made with a camouflage that suits the nature. On drift hunting or flap hunting, camouflage is less important, as the animal "escapes" from the hunters and therefore often does not have time to capture the contrasts in the same way. However, it is also a fact that animals do not pick up colors, just as we humans do. For example, they do not pick up the color orange as we do. Therefore, many hunters also use this color to go hunting in. The color does not reduce your chances of coming home with a prey. You're still camouflaged. However, the color greatly increases your safety, as you are much more visible to other hunters. It can be difficult to keep an eye on everyone when the majority come in the green / camouflaged hunting clothes.

A hunting jacket that suits your needs

At we definitely have outerwear that suits your needs. Although these jackets are intended as hunting jackets, it does not necessarily mean that this is the only purpose the hunting jackets can have. You can easily invest in a hunting jacket if you just have a desire for a good and warm jacket for the cold days. We have made sure to have a large and robust selection of delicious hunting jackets, so we can always offer our customers the best products from the best brands on the market. We have therefore on this page gathered an exclusive overview of all our beautiful hunting jackets, which we have selected for our webshop. As a customer, you should never be in doubt that you at only find products of the best and highest quality. We always select all our brands and products very carefully, as it is important to us that we can guarantee 110% of all the products that we sell. And finally, we have the more nerdy outerwear from Sitka, which is optimized for many hours of use in nature, but where the price also reflects the high quality and the many details. In addition to classic hunting jackets, we also have vests that are perfect for dog people or clappers who move around more. If you need other equipment for hunting, then it is most likely also something we can help with. We have a lot of items on our webshop, so finally take a look around. However, should you be in doubt about anything, please contact us. We always strive to answer all inquiries as quickly as possible, so that we can give our customers the best service and experience on It is one of our most important tasks to make sure that all our customers feel that they are getting the help and guidance that is needed.

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At we are sure that we can find a hunting jacket that suits your needs. We have major reputable brands, so you are always sure to buy quality. When you buy hunting clothes from us, you always have a 100-day free exchange if it turns out that the hunting jacket does not suit you. So have no worries about that. At we hope you find something you can use with us. Enjoy.