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If you want to take good care of your tent, make sure that it does not lie on a sharp, annoying object, that it is exposed to extra unnecessary cold or moisture from the ground or anything else that can be harmful and impractical when you spend the night in your tent out in nature? All you have to do is invest in a footprint that protects against this. This way, you are sure to take good care of your gear when you spend the night outdoors. In addition to making it more comfortable for you, it also naturally helps to protect and take better care of your tent, so that the sharp objects do not damage the tent fabric. On this page you will find our large selection of footprints. A footprint is an accessory that is laid out under the tent and thus acts as protection. Within the different brands, we have different selected models, so you can find exactly what fits your tent.

Protect your tent

A footprint is as described an accessory and aims to protect your tent from sharp rocks and branches on the ground. Furthermore, it can act as an extra layer against moisture and cold, which can otherwise pull up from the ground. Since a footprint protects against both moisture and cold, it can thus also be a helpful tool to avoid condensation in your tent. Condensation is the result of when hot and humid air meets a cold air. At some point, the whole tent will thus become warmer and more humid than the cold air outside, and thus condensation will form. The condensation can cause damage that does not benefit the durability of your tent.

At we are some real 'gear freaks', and therefore we care a lot that we have the best gear. In addition, we find it important to protect this gear so that it does not break. Therefore, will always recommend that you also make sure to buy the right accessories for your gear.

Footprint in different brands

As described, you can buy them in different brands so that you can get one that fits your tent. Furthermore, there are different footprints within each brand, so you have the opportunity to find the one that suits your needs. In this connection, we would like to draw attention to our large selection of tents in different sizes. We have both 1-2 person, 3-4 person, 5-8 person and 8+ person models. You will find the large selection under our tent category. If you have further questions about our products, you are always welcome to contact our customer service. You can contact our customer service at the email address for written inquiries. Our competent staff is always ready to answer your questions and help you as best they can. 

Buy footprints online at

Do you also go out of your way to protect your gear like us? Then you have come to the right place. Footprints are among the accessories that will definitely recommend if you want to protect your tent in the best possible way. At we often have good offers and sales, so you have the opportunity to find all the cool stuff at a good price. If you order for a minimum of 100 GBP, you are sure to get free delivery. In addition, we also offer 100 days free exchange. Find quality footprints that are great for protecting your tent from sharp rocks and branches on the ground. Buy at with fast delivery.