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Police Caps & misc. headgear

The weather conditions are changeable, which can be challenging for a police officer. The weather conditions can make it difficult to stay dry and protected when you are on duty or have to stay outdoors for long periods. It is the policeman's most distinguished task to be able to be functional during the service and therefore it is not good to defeat oneself in relation to cold or too much sun. A light headgear that is easy to adjust - as well as foldable is a must if you want to be able to stay operational for a longer period. The form of fitting is important in itself, as the headgear must not be too tight or too loose. Police caps with adjustable strap or velcro are an advantage. Here, the scalp as well as the sides can get air by regulating the form of adaptation according to the task. It is an advantage to find a policy mask that can be included both as civilian clothing and as operational. If you operate in the field, you can advantageously use a form of bandana or neck-these, which can provide protection. Another thing to look for is ventilation holes in the hat, as it is important that the head can get air and be breathable. At you can find headgear that keeps you functional for a longer period of time, which will be an optimal choice for you as a consumer. With us, you will find products for every situation, as we have a wide range with many different colors and blur patterns. We have big coveted brands such as 5.11 and Mil-Tec. The brands each have their benefits and aim to keep you functional and warm. If you have additional needs for equipment that can be adapted to the individual tasks, then we also have it in stock. If you think we are missing something in our range, then you are also very welcome to contact us, then we will do what we can to get it home to you.

Multifunctional headgear

The head is exposed to a lot of nuisances when the weather conditions show up from their hard side. As a police officer, you are often exposed, as you stay outdoors for many hours a day. It is therefore important to protect your face, neck and neck. The skin has the best of being protected from sand, cold and the sun's UV rays, which can be extremely harmful. For example, it could be a political cap or bandana that can be pulled up or down over the face. This type of versatile headgear can be used as a bandana, face mask, headband or a scarf. A multifunctional headgear can be easily packed together in a side pocket and requires incredibly little pocket space.

Police caps

Another type of functional headgear is the police cap. It can be worn under other headgear such as a police helmet in harsh weather conditions. You can advantageously choose a policy box with velcro, so that there is room for an identification mark, flag or the like. Caps are often available in several colors with adjustable velcro, so it can match your other clothing. The police cap with built-in velcro print on the top for IR reflex is a great advantage, as pilots and other crew members can more easily navigate as well as identify their own forces on the ground. When you need to find the right police cap, it can be an advantage to find a lightweight folding cap that can fit in a side pocket of the uniform.

Find multifunctional headgear and police caps online

At you will find a wide selection of police caps and multifunctional headgear in several different variants and colors. puts a virtue in offering a wide selection of high quality products where the price is kept down. There is fast delivery on stock items, which means you do not have to wait. If you have any questions, we can be reached by email so do not hesitate to contact us. You can be sure to leave with an advantageous product that suits you and your needs. The wishes you a lot of fun with your new gear.