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Police boots & guard boots

Boots for the police and guards can also be called tactical boots. They are designed to be used during various operations and be extremely durable. This is because police boots and guard boots are typically used in harsh and varied environments, where comfort and mobility must be maintained in order for them to function optimally.

Choose the right police boots & guard boots

It requires that you are aware of the situations in which the footwear must be used before you are able to choose the perfect pair for you and your needs. It can, for example, be in relation to the environment, but also what requirements you personally have for the police boot or the guard boot. If you work as a police officer, then you might want to start by deciding on the color. Police officers typically choose a black boot as it matches the rest of their uniform. The police also stand a lot on hard surfaces during their working day, which makes it quite important to get something supportive and comfortable for the feet. This way, you ensure the best possible avoidance of back pain.

If you work as a guard, you are typically looking for something robust and supportive. It is important that they are comfortable to wear during your entire shift. In this case, the colors black and gray are most often the most popular. This is again because it is typically these colors that match most uniforms.

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