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Cotton Tents

Cotton tents

Are you in the process of finding a new fat cotton tent? If so, you have come to the right place. Here at we have a large selection with many different variants. For example, you can choose between a tipi, a scout tent or one of the larger models with a house-like construction. This means that there must definitely be one that fits you and your needs perfectly. It is almost impossible to think of any restrictions in terms of getting out and spending the night outdoors if you get hold of the perfect cotton tent. If you are in doubt about anything or have any questions, then you are more than welcome to contact us. We would very much like to help you. You can send us an e-mail at or call us on + 44 33-0808-4984. You can also make use of our live chat, which you will find here on the site.

Fantastic indoor climate

A cotton tent always contains a certain amount of cotton in the topsail, which helps to contribute to a fantastic indoor climate. It is also what the cotton tent is known for. This is one of the most prominent advantages, as the cotton manages to create a comfortable indoor climate regardless of the weather. This is because cotton is breathable as opposed to polyester which is often heated a lot by the sun. Sometimes to such an extent that it can be difficult to be inside a polyester tent on the really hot days. In a cotton tent you will easily be able to be on a hot summer day. You will also be able to get a good night's sleep. All because the material contributes to good breathability. For the same reason, it will also be possible for many people to be in a cotton tent without the indoor climate being affected by it. The tents are also a high water column pressure. This means they can keep water out when it rains. The material consists of small fibers that will swell when the rain hits it. As a result, the rain can not penetrate, giving you a safe shelter. If you want to know even more, then you can with advantage read our article on cotton tents.

Luxurious cotton tents

As you may already sense, cotton tents are made in a high quality and they can offer you a high level of comfort and luxury when you are on a trip outdoors. As written, there are many different variants to choose from - but there are actually many different interior design options. It enables you to put your own personal touch on the product. For example, you can choose a variant that is rod-free. Already here you give yourself many interior design options. In addition, you can also often get a floor fitted, which means you do not have to bring a lot of dirt in. It seems to many is nice if the primary function of the cotton tent is to be a bedroom. It creates a dry and clean environment. A tent floor is typically a fixture in the smaller models. Installation of sleeping cabins is also possible in the vast majority of models.

Buy cotton tents with a price guarantee

Here at we want to be able to offer you the absolute best price on your new cotton tent! That is why we offer you low prices guarantee. We actually do this on all our products, which is why we want to be among the cheapest on market.

In this connection, we have also implemented a price robot on our webshop. This robot scans our own and our competitors' prices once a day. Then it adjusts the prices on our webshop, which is another attempt to secure our place among the cheapest. At , we take pride in providing good customer service, and therefore we have, among other things, fast fast delivery on all our stock items and 100 days exchange.

We are active on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. We hope you enjoy the process. We would like to wish you a lot of fun with your purchase. We hope you enjoy it!