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Long Patrol

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Long patrol

At we have a large selection of equipment for the military, and therefore we have, among other things, a large selection of backpacks and bags in many different sizes. All bags on this site are made of durable materials and they can therefore all withstand extreme conditions due to their extremely high quality. The bags you find on this page are suitable for a long patrol, and they can therefore be used on a patrol of several days or several weeks. When you are in the field for so long, a lot of storage is needed, and therefore all the bags on this side are usually 45 L or more. This allows you to have all your gear in the field.

Backpack for long patrol

Whether you are going to military training, whether you are going to be deployed or something completely different, you can definitely need a backpack for long patrols, and the backpacks on this page are ideal for long patrols, as there is the option of extra storage. On a long patrol that can take several weeks, it is important to have a backpack that allows for storage and structure, and so can all the backpacks on this site, as all the backpacks are of extremely high quality, and they therefore offer it, which any military man may need.

Large bag with space for all gear

The large bags for long patrol can contain very different gear, and some of them on this page are even made so that they can also contain weapons. Due to the high quality, all the bags are equipped with a carrying system that ensures incredibly high comfort, which is important when the weight of the bag is high.

Buy storage for a long patrol at

Are you going on a long patrol and do you lack storage space? Then you have come to the right place. On this page you will find our selection of bags for long patrols, and we often have good offers on the bags and backpacks. All the bags are as described in extremely high quality, and we are therefore sure that you will be extremely satisfied with the purchase of a bag for long patrol.

At we take pride in offering our customers good customer service, and therefore we have a number of benefits that should make it easy and comfortable to shop online. We have, among other things, a price guarantee, day-to-day delivery of stock items and free exchange. We hope that you find something that suits your needs, and otherwise you are of course very welcome to contact us either by phone or email. Enjoy.