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Use action camera to capture all your experiences

We at are absolutely sure that you may also remember the time when you could not relive your adventures through pictures or videos when you had left. You only had the memories that you could tell on, but it's just not quite the same as being able to revisit them whenever you want. Today, an action camera is the perfect solution for this purpose, where you get the opportunity to capture the best experiences in the coolest and most realistic way. The cameras are particularly suitable for military use, sports and outdoor activities, but of course you are completely free to choose what you want to use your camera for. They are often made of a robust exterior, which can not be damaged in the event of an unfortunate situation on your adventure - they are made to withstand blows and kicks. So finally, do not hesitate to use it well and thoroughly, because it is definitely a memorable way to look back. In addition, most also have very few setting options compared to other cameras, making it easier and more user-friendly for the purpose. Make sure it is firmly in place, turn it on and slip away!

Action camera - what is it?

If you have not been familiar with an action camera before, read on here. It is a digital camera, like so many others, but it is particularly suitable for adventure and action in long lanes. They are typically small and square, which makes them incredibly easy to carry compared to a large and heavy SLR camera. They are characterized by a robust exterior, which should protect your camera from impact, wind and weather, mud, severe frost, and then they even keep from getting under water if you want some cool shots from a diving trip. Many of them are equipped with a wide-angle lens, which gives you a great overview in high resolution in both your videos as well as on your photos. Furthermore, they often have the option of fixing on your helmet or on your handlebars for your mountain bike ride, on your car and much more, so there is ample opportunity to bring some cool memories home.

What can I use it for?

And what can you use it for, you ask? You can use an action camera for many different purposes, and you decide for yourself what you want to use yours for. Many people use them to capture their many adventures, as they can capture many special moments that other cameras cannot. Due to its small size, it is incredibly easy to carry in the bag and pull out when needed. Other cameras are often too heavy to carry around, which is why you often drop it. Your mobile will automatically be what you resort to, as you always wear it anyway, however, the mobile is far too fragile to use for the purpose. We recommend that you invest in an action camera that can uncover your needs for your adventures so you can enjoy the experience of the moment. Subsequently, you can easily review the cool moments over and over again and proudly show them off to family and friends. Furthermore, we also think that it is important that you keep a close eye on the following when buying a new one. First and foremost, it is important that the camera has a good quality of video, as this is often what you use it for, but of course it must also suit your needs. Next, it is important that you consider what connectivity options you need, as many action cameras are not equipped with a small screen, but you can easily transfer wirelessly to your smartphone. Last but not least, you should consider what kind of fittings and accessories you need. Many cameras are easily mounted on the body and the handlebars, but it is not certain that all mounts will fit the different cameras.

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At you will of course also find action cameras, among which you can find brands such as National Geographic and MOHOC, which are both high quality cameras. The National Geographic action camera can be used for many different purposes and types of activities, and you can capture your experiences in Full HD video quality with a 140-degree wide-angle lens that gives you a super overview. The camera is equipped with a small display where you can follow what is being recorded while you are experiencing. There is ample opportunity to mount it in different places as needed, and it comes with a shockproof camera housing, which is also waterproof, protecting your camera from impact. The MOHOC camera is designed for professional soldiers as it withstands even the toughest military operation. The fit, durability and user interface secure the camera against hitting, for example, door frames or getting stuck in cables during missions. It is easily mounted and dismounted using velcro on your helmet. You can buy our products online on our webshop, where you can get free shipping on purchases over 100 GBP and fast delivery on all our stock items.