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Weapon accessories

All weapon equipment on is quality equipment that has been tested and approved as an accessory for weapons. A personal handgun is often referred to as your life insurance policy and therefore it does not matter how it is set up. A single melee handle can quickly optimize your weapon operation and both make it easier and faster to find the optimal firing position. Our range includes many of the largest brands in weapon compliments. These include BLACKHAWK!, Tactical Tailor and Butler Creek. All weapon accessories use Picatinny Rail or Weaver Rail systems that meet NATO standards

Accessories for the gun

When you are in a military operation, sharp situations can quickly arise. Here it is important to be in possession of the right equipment that can help you work quickly and efficiently and not least increase your safety. On this page, we negotiate i.a. a good selection of lanyards for pistols. That way, you are sure not to lose your gun, even if you should lose the grip in a sharp situation. Our lanyards can also be used to keep track of, for example, a knife or other tool you do not want to lose.

Buy a speed loader for your weapon

If you are looking for a speedloader for your weapon, you will find it on this page. We sell the American brand Butler Creek, which specializes in producing equipment for weapons. It is a popular brand in the United States and in the rest of the world. At our online shop you can buy Butler Creek's LULA® Speed Loader, which is the fastest and easiest to operate speed loader on the market. It allows you to load a 5.56 magazine with 30 shots in 12 seconds! If you just need to have magazines on hand, we also sell pouches and ammo pouches from, for example, Tactical Tailor which are attached directly to the rifle butt.

Everything in weapon accessories

If you need a quality melee handle, we have a good offer from CAA. It is a melee handle that is incredibly easy to mount and dismount on your weapon with the so-called system Picatinny Rail or Weaver Rail. A melee handle from CAA lives up 100% to military standards, and it even has a factory warranty of 10 years, giving you a product that lasts a long time. On this page you can find everything you need for your weapon. We make a virtue out of being able to offer the best products on the market to our customers. We guarantee that our products are of good and robust quality, so they are suitable for use in the military, where the standard is high.