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Large selection of hygiene products for outdoor and travel

At , we focus on personal hygiene, which means that we will try to negotiate a wide range of products that are suitable for areas with reduced hygiene and poor sanitation. This applies to everything from hand sanitizer, soap, mosquito spray and aftersun to special anti-bacterial treated towels and bed sheets. When you live in areas where the general hygiene is less than the one you are used to, it is important that you have the right equipment. Poor hygiene can quickly give you discomfort and eventually make you sick.

Sprinkle your hands and reduce the risk of disease

Hand alcohol or alcohol jelly, for example, is always a good thing to wear. And this actually also applies just to daily in Denmark, but especially also if you stay outside the country's borders, or if you are camping, camping or festival. Places with many people, as well as areas with reduced sanitary conditions are a major source of infection and disease-causing bacteria are easily transmitted. Always be prepared for this and bring hand alcohol.