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Blur net and blur cream cheap

At we sell all equipment for both military, outdoor and hunting, and on this page you will find our large selection of hide and camouflage. When you need to have your prey lured close to you, it is important that you are not spotted. Therefore, we have several different products that can help you with the blurring so that you are not seen during the hunt. We have blur nets in several different sizes that can be used for many different activities. In addition to hunting, our blur nets are also ideal for hiding oneself or one's car, cabin / hunting lodge, boat, lookout tower, rifle, camera, etc.

Consider the many benefits

When buying camouflage, we can recommend that you consider the many benefits of a blur net. It is easy to look up and is extremely versatile. With the easy installation solution, you do not go wrong in the city and it is extremely difficult to be spotted, especially if your hunting clothes match the net. Hunter and net go hand in hand with nature, and the animal does not care at all that there is danger ahead. However, some animals know their respective areas well and therefore you have to be very careful where you look it up. Since we at have a large selection of hunting equipment, you can of course get blur nets in different sizes and price ranges. Despite the fact that we have a large selection, there are sometimes customers who think there is something missing in our range. If you experience this, do not hesitate to contact us as we will do what we can to get the gear home you are looking for. If you have other questions that you would like answered, you are also very welcome to contact us by email We always strive to answer as quickly as possible. 

Upgrade your blur net

With a blur net, you get the optimal camouflage. You will be completely camouflaged and the animal you are hunting will not be able to see your movements at all. This is exactly why one uses this kind of concealment. In addition, a blur net is easy to take with you and have packed down and you can buy camouflage tape, so you can fix different branches or leaves to get the well-thought-out camouflage. For the crow hunt, we recommend the use of camouflage, as they can be difficult to get at close range. A camouflage tent can be moved around after the prey, where a blur net works best with a kind of hide where you can throw the blur net over. Thus, you quickly get ready for crow hunting and here you can also take advantage of a decoy call to hit the target.

Buy blur nets at

We have filled the shop with hunting gear, so you can get the right equipment for the start of the hunting season. There are blur nets, camouflage tents, blur cream and even blur tape, which are some of the products that can be used when you are hunting and can wait for your prey. With the natural patterns and silent use, it becomes the Achilles heel of any hunt. The waterproof material also ensures a product that can last several times and in several situations. Buy at today and receive the package fast since we have fast delivery of stock items. Should your ordered product unexpectedly not live up to your wishes, then it is no problem. We have a 100-day free exchange, so you can have your gear exchanged for just the right thing.