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Trophy plates for antlers

When you have had your prey closed and would like to show it off, a trophy plate is a really nice way to display the prey. There are both trophy plates in dark and light shades, so you can find exactly the plate that suits your exchange.

Buy trophy plates cheaply

Using these bending plates, you can easily display your trophy. It is simple and easy to assemble and thus you can quickly piece a nice trophy together. In addition to plates for the skull and antlers, there are also brackets for setting up the plate itself. Several of the boards can be purchased in different designs and also finishes. The designs also help to highlight the skull and that is why you can read the size under each product, so you get the right trophy plate immediately.

Easy to assemble

Easily impress your hunting friends with an antler hanging from the wall in the living room. With a trophy plate from , you easily and cheaply get a nice and elegant way to showcase your booty. The mounting bracket must be attached to the front of the plate and the screw inserted from behind. Thus, one can easily get the trophy to hang up without any kind of visible screws or mounting rails that can irritate the eye. With trophy plates in different shades, you can also be sure to get a bending plate, in either the dark or light colors, which can suit your very own home.

Trophy Plates for any situation

Not only deer or deer deserve a place in your home. With a tooth plate for pigs and wild boar teeth, you get a trophy plate that forms a perfect circle and encapsulates your prey's teeth. As soon as you have found the right position for the teeth, these can be glued using silicone and an oak leaf is placed just as nicely on top, and bent in the right shape. You can now proudly display your new trophy plate with the trophy. Our range also allows you to find plates for red deer, fallow deer, elk, bucks and also the plates for pig teeth.