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Shell jackets for men

A shell jacket for men is often compared to a rain jacket. It's a misunderstanding. In our eyes, it is not the same at all. A rain jacket is not as strong, nor does it have as many cool qualities to offer. A shell jacket for men can be used in so many different ways, whereas a rain jacket can most of all meet the needs you have on a rainy day. A shell jacket for men is more robust and works really well for many different outdoor activities. If, for example, you are going hiking, a shell jacket for men will for most people be more than a necessity in the backpack. This gear is not only water and windproof. It is also breathable, which is especially what distinguishes this clothing from a rain jacket. It keeps water out by means of tapped seams and a membrane that prevents the water from getting through. The membrane is found in the fabric itself - and it will typically be protected by other layers. A membrane is a fabric that is fabricated with such small holes that the water cannot get through. However, the holes are not made so small that your body heat cannot get through them. This is also why the clothing remains breathable. Many of these membranes are made of Gore-Tex, which is a technology that is known and recognized by many. 


The layers on the jacket determine how protected you actually are from the weather. At the same time, the layers have an impact on weight and thickness, which can be a crucial element for a true outdoor enthusiast. A heavy pack is not always the desired scenario during a trip outdoors. In general, you can choose between shell jackets for men, equipped with 2-layer, 2.5-layer or 3-layer. A 2-layer and a 2.5 are a piece of clothing you will typically use in everyday life. However, many choose it with 2.5 layers, as they have most often received a surface treatment that protects the membrane. A 2-layer usually has just a mesh lining on the inside of the men's shell jacket that protects the membrane. One thing is for sure though. The durability and abrasion resistance are not the same as on a 3-layer. You need to grab a 3-ply shell jacket for men if you want to grab a piece of clothing that can handle all outdoor activities without worry. It will weigh more because of the multiple layers, but you will never be in doubt about that resilience. It is definitely a 3-layer we would recommend if you are going hiking or something like that. A shell jacket for men is also perfect to have in your wardrobe all year round. You can use it in many contexts and it is extremely optimal to use with several layers underneath. In other words, it covers you well. You can always just add a warm sweater underneath if you think the weather has become cool.


It is important to relate to the material on the outer layer. Most polyester and nylon are used on the outer layers. Nylon is without a doubt the most durable. However, it is also the most rigid. Polyester is not as durable, but it is softer and therefore more comfortable to wear. A rule of thumb may therefore be that polyester clothing is for everyday use, while nylon clothing is for the gear that must be resistant.


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