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Top-quality suitcases and trolleys

At we want to dress you well for your trip or holiday, and all trips start with you packing a suitcase. We therefore sell top quality trolleys and suitcases from popular brands such as 5.11, The North Face and Pacsafe. The former brand, 5.11, is incredibly popular in the United States, but is also a brand that is gaining more and more ground in Europe. One thing 5.11 is known for is i.a. quality backpacks, bags and suitcases. Their Mission Ready and CAMS are therefore no exception. These are really some trolleys that can contain some gear for your trip and at the same time be practical on the go.

The North Face Rolling Thunder Trolleys - Made in 100% waterproof TPE laminate and 840D Jr. ballistic nylon

Of course, the world's largest outdoor brand has also joined the fight to make the best trolleys and suitcases. Their Rolling Thunder series is truly a delicious series of trolleys. All trolleys in the Rolling Thunder series from The North Face are made of 100% waterproof TPE laminate enclosed by 840D Jr. ballistic nylon. Only the zipper is not waterproof. But that just means you should not dive with it.

Convenient trolleys and suitcases

There are several different sizes of the model, The North Face Rolling Thunder, so there is one for every situation. The sizes vary between 40, 80 and 155 liters. With the big trolley or suitcase, you are sure to get everything on your trip. If you are going on a small trip or journey, you may be able to settle for a 40 liter bag. There is still room for all the necessary things here, and the product can even be used as hand luggage at some airlines. There will be new models from the different versions, which are updated versions of previous models. New models come in new designs and better materials, which reduce weight. Likewise, new models are often of higher quality, so they are more durable. Should you experience turbulence on the plane, your things are thus packed in a safe environment. The North Face suitcases come with several smart features including a mesh pocket on the inside. Here you can get your things organized, e.g. mobile chargers, etc., so you can quickly find it again. On the outside you will find a side pocket where you have the option to put an ID card or something else easily recognizable, so you can recognize the suitcase when you need to find it at the airport. Then you do not have to spend your time standing and looking through all the bags. When you zip up the bag, you have the opportunity to access all your equipment and clothes. The bags have a large zipper, so it is easy to access all your things. Several of the suitcases on this page are available with storage space, which makes it possible to divide your clothes and gear up as you wish. It could, for example. be clean and dirty clothes or everyday and work clothes. Whatever makes the best sense to you. sure that you get the item quickly!

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