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Cooling bags & Cooling boxes

Cooling bags & Cooling boxes

Cooler bags and coolers are well insulated so it can be used to keep food and drinks cool when on the go and do not have a refrigerator nearby. They can be used for picnics, tent trips, camping trips, beach trips, fishing trips, weekend trips and much more. It is also attractive to take on a holiday to the southern sun. It is ideal if you are on trips where you have food and drinks with you. That way, it can be kept cold and fresh so you always have access to cold refreshments on hot summer days. On hot days, food and fluids are also important so that you do not become uncomfortable and dehydrated. In addition to food and drink, you can also use our boxes for fishing trips. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to catch a fish, you can use it to store freshly caught fish. Our cooler bags and coolers are very versatile, and you decide what the contents should be. It is a perfect companion on hot days when you need refreshments. You will find a good selection with us, which you can take with you when you go on a trip.

Good selection of cooler bags and cooler boxes

At we have a good selection of cooler bags and coolers. In our selection you will find refrigeration products that are easy and practical to take with you on your trip or holiday. In addition, you will also find cooling elements. We sell high quality refrigeration products from i.a. from Stanley, Petromax and YETI. They come in different colors and sizes. You can find cooler bags and cooler boxes that can hold from 6 L and up to 50 L. So there is plenty of opportunity to find one that suits your needs. That way, you can also always have a lot of refreshments with you when you go on a trip. In our selection you will find cooler bags and coolers with different carrying systems depending on preferences. They are made with wheels, which are ideal for you who want to avoid carrying. It can be especially attractive if it is heavy. In addition, they are also made with handles that can be easily carried by hand. The weight is also significant and you will find different weight classes on our site. If you need to bring it from place to place, a low weight is an advantage. You will find robust and durable cooler bags and coolers in our good selection, which you can enjoy on many trips and vacations. Some models also have a hard lid so it can be used as an extra table or seat when you are on a trip. They have practical features that make the experience even better. Some have an integrated drainage system, which itself provides drains of melted water, whereas others must be emptied of water and ice by tilting. In addition, the effective cooling properties are important for how long your refreshments can stay cold.

Efficient cooling qualities

It differs from model to model how long the cooler bag and cooler box can keep your refreshments cold. However, you can find models that ensure cold for up to 12 days. We sell boxes that are insulated so it can keep your refreshments cold without power. To keep the contents cool, just add cooling elements. In addition, ice cubes can also be added to advantage. Then you always have cool drinks and food on hand when you are on a trip. That way, you avoid boring drinks and eating that are not stored properly. You can see our entire selection on this page.

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