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Nordisk - sustainability and quality in focus

The brand Nordisk has its origins all the way back to 1901, when it was founded in Copenhagen. Since then, the brand has undergone many changes, name changes and changed owners, but today they are still a Danish brand with headquarters in Silkeborg. They have a really strong focus on manufacturing their outdoor equipment sustainably, which is why they have their production facilities in Europe, where local employees sew several of their products by hand. In fact, they've had employees sewing their sleeping bags by hand since 1983.

The company's primary focus has always been design, innovation and function, which can be seen in a number of their exclusive tents, sleeping bags, etc. Their gear is made in a really high quality, which is ensured by having the products handmade in Europe. That way, they do not compromise on either quality or sustainability. For them, sustainability is about producing products that last a lifetime. At we have a large assortment from Nordisk, and we dare to guarantee that the quality is top notch. They have so many years of experience in outdoor gear so they know what holds in nature. All tents are also tested in a wind tunnel and the sleeping bags are tested in a freezer at the Norwegian Institute of Technology. You are therefore assured that the tents can withstand many different types of weather and are resistant to this.


As you can read in the headline, YETI is merged with Nordisk. This does not have any particular significance for the products from YETI, which still have the same high level of quality that you know today. The only thing that happens is that the brand name itself will change. That is, all the products from YETI will still retain the same features and the same design that you know today. However, the logo itself will change so that in future it will only be a red Y (Y by Nordisk). There are a number of reasons why YETI and Nordisk will merge. This is done, among other things, for resource reasons, as the resources that are released during the merger can instead be used to develop more on more sustainable initiatives. Another sustainable initiative the company has taken is their "Care & Repair Center", where they fix and give old products new life. In this way, they manage to make their customers happy and keep nature free of waste. In addition, there is already a clear match between the products from YETI and the products from Nordisk, and therefore it has been an obvious choice to let the two brands flow more together.

YETI is known for their quality sleeping bags of the best materials. They use Krystal Down and only down that is the result of meat production, so that no animals can pick their down while they are alive. In addition, they do not support forced feeding or storage of animals in steel wire cages. Each sleeping bag is marked with a special code indicating the insulation capacity, which region it comes from, which country, which slaughterhouse, what kind of goose and finally the mix ratio (the mixture between down and feathers). Therefore, you can always know for sure what is in the products.

The products have won several awards, including the ISPO award, which ensures the quality of products in sports terms. They have also won the Op Pad outdoor award for unsurpassed quality, the OutDoor industrial award which can be described as an Oscar in the outdoor category and several prestigious design awards.


Here at , various models of tents from Nordisk are sold - we have, among other things. 2 person tents in different stylish designs. For example, you can buy a 2-person tent with two entrances, good storage options and a comfortable indoor climate. The tent provides a fantastic starting point for a cozy tent trip. They do not compromise on functionality and comfort, which are two very important things when it comes to tents. We have both 2-person tunnel tents, dome tents and many other models, where the quality is extremely good and durable. For Nordisk , however, outdoor life is not just about products. It's about the attitude you have towards life. It's about making products that create positive experiences for you - and not "only" keep you warm outside.

Nordisk has a large selection of lightweight tents that are easy to set up and carry - and they also do not fill anything in your bag. One of our most popular models is a 2-person telemark tent, where the weight is in the middle of the tent. It weighs no more than 880 grams and therefore holds the record for being the world's lightest 2-person double-layer tent! If you already have heavy packing with you or you are just generally tired of lugging a lot of equipment, this tent is just for you.

In addition to the lightweight tents, there are also larger and more spacious tents. Here we especially experience that the cotton frames are becoming more and more popular due to their fantastic indoor climate. They come in many different sizes so there is something for everyone. The spaciousness of the tents allows you to create an atmosphere that would otherwise be difficult to create.

Large selection at

It is not only tents you will find on this page. In addition to the mentioned sleeping bags from YETI, you can also find Nordisk sleeping bags. The sleeping bags range widely in relation to the temperature they are best suited for. Thus, sleeping bags with heating function are powerful enough to keep you warm even at -20 ° C. The sleeping bags for the warmer summer period are some of the lightest on the market, and Nordisk is once again able to deliver products where both design and functionality culminate in a higher unit. In addition to the low weight, several of the sleeping bags can be compressed so that they take up minimal space in your pack. The sleeping bags come in a waterproof material, and there are also built-in pockets in several of the sleeping bags. The sleeping bags are an appetizer in a soft material, which ensures that you lie soft. You can also find high-quality Sleeping Pad in many different price ranges.

With fast delivery on stock items, you can quickly get acquainted with your new tent and experience the exclusive Scandinavian design for yourself. If you need help and advice, you are very welcome to stop by our store in Viby J - we are ready to guide you. You can also contact us either by phone 71996361 or email, and we will do what we can to help you.