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Do you love being active outside, but do you often find it difficult to find the right outerwear? You want to be well protected from wind and weather, as the weather can be somewhat erratic and changeable. In addition, you want to avoid freezing or sweating, which is why the softshell jacket can help solve this problem, because it has proven to be really good in different temperature and weather conditions. You've probably heard a garment referred to as "softshell" before, but what is it really? A ladies softshell or men's softshell aims to provide protection from wind and rain, where it also has a quite excellent breathable function, so you can easily get rid of the heat during activity. In addition, a lady softshell is also water-repellent, which is why you can use it in unstable weather, as it keeps you dry in light rain.

A must for any outdoor adventure

We women often experience being a little more cold-blooded than men, which is why a lady's shoftshell is a good offer for your new jacket for autumn and spring, when the temperature can fluctuate a lot back and forth. A softshell is both practical, comfortable and light at the same time as it can be used with or without several layers underneath. If you live a very active lifestyle in your spare time, a lady softshell is an even better investment, as they can also be used for running, hiking and cycling, because as mentioned, they transport moisture and heat away from the body, so you do not experience discomfort under the jacket . Last but not least, it is important to mention that a lady softshell is extremely soft, comfortable and with high mobility, which is why you can also use it for ordinary everyday use.

Our selection of softshell for ladies

Are you looking for a jacket for spring and autumn that can be used with or without layers for various activities or just for ordinary everyday use? Then you have landed in the right place. Because on this page you will find our selection of softshell for ladies, which can be used most of the year for both the active and the less active woman. Among other things, you will find several different models - some lined and others not - which is why you will definitely find a softshell that meets your needs. On this page you will find softshell for ladies from well-known brands such as Carinthia, Salomon, Arc'teryx and more, all of which serve the same purpose - to keep you warm and dry when you move outside, whether you are hiking or on the way to the office. If you live an active lifestyle with your husband / boyfriend, you can also find a jacket for him inside the shop, so you are both ready for your outdoor adventure for spring and autumn. Here at we are huge advocates for good clothing vs. bad weather as we can not do anything about the weather but we can definitely do something about our clothing. Therefore, we think that a lady softshell is a really good investment that we are absolutely sure you will not regret.

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Here at you can buy softshell clothing for ladies in the form of different trousers and jackets from a lot of different well-known brands for any outdoor adventure that can be used most of the year. Whether you need to use it in a work context or just in your free time, you get both high quality, high comfort and high freedom of movement with a garment in softshell. You can buy our selection of softshell for ladies online on our webshop, where we offer free shipping on purchases over 100 GBP and fast delivery on all our stock items, so you can enjoy the warmer days and warm evenings of the year as soon as possible. already tomorrow. Our competent staff is always ready to help you with any questions you may have.