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Bulletproof vests and helmets

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Bulletproof vest and helmet

At we have a large selection for police & guards. Here at the webshop you will find our bulletproof vests and protection for e.g. police, bodyguards, security guards and doormen. It is important, especially when working as a bodyguard, police officer or doorman, to have the protective equipment in order, which means that you must, among other things, have a bulletproof vest and a helmet. It is crucial to take care of yourself and have control over your own safety. That is why we at sell bulletproof vests, trauma plates, puncture-proof vests and other safety equipment in top quality.

A bulletproof vest

A key ballistic armor product is a bullet- and stab-proof vest that is one of the best forms of protective gear. Such a vest can very easily be hidden under, for example, a jacket, sweater or shirt. It can be nice enough not to go and be too visible with such a vest, and therefore it is also really smart and practical that it can be easily hidden under the clothes. Many bodyguards wear a bulletproof vest under the shirt of their suit when in service.

Typically, most bulletproof vests are designed with a soft material around both the chest and neck, which helps to create lots of good opportunities for optimal movement when you wear the bulletproof vest. That way, the bulletproof vest does not become too stiff and uncomfortable to walk around with for too long at a time. In addition, they are often made of a material that is breathable, which ensures that your body always has a good temperature, and that again it does not become uncomfortable to wear this type of safety equipment.

Bulletproof trauma plates

Another vital piece of safety equipment is the so-called trauma plates. In short, a trauma plate is hard plates, which are most often made of compressed polyethylene and ceramics or decidedly shaped steel plates. With such a trauma plate, you have the opportunity to achieve additional extra protection.

A trauma plate is also known as the "Hard Armor Plate", and you will typically with this form of protection achieve the so-called degree of protection NIJ level 3 and 4, also known as level lll and lV. Trauma plates are especially known from military vests and are used to definitely stop threats from the so-called high-speed projectiles from high-caliber automatic weapons and rifles. Drum plates are therefore used in situations where the noise from such handguns is large.

Buy a helmet or a bulletproof vest online at

We hope that you have become much wiser about ballistic armor, trauma plates and bulletproof vests, and thus are more aware of what you need to invest in so that you can feel as safe as possible at all. We understand very well that it can be a jungle to find your way around the various possibilities for ballistic armor. It is therefore also important to become aware of what is available, so that you can make the right choice for you. Never go down on safety equipment, as it can be crucial in saving your life in a violent situation.

At, we never go down on good equipment, and quality-filled safety equipment is of course no exception. You can therefore shop these products on our webshop, so you can always feel safe when you are at work or otherwise. We can easily understand if it can be difficult to find your way around the different models and types of products, and therefore we would also like to remind you that you are always welcome to contact our customer service staff who are ready to help, advise and guide you at all times, and this of course also applies to the questions you may have about a helmet or a bulletproof vest. You will meet us both by e-mail and per. telephone. Our email address is and our phone number is 71 99 63 61.

In addition, you also have the opportunity to both meet us and at the same time both feel and test the goods physically if you visit us in our showroom. We are always very excited to be allowed to meet all our customers physically as well, so do not hesitate to stop by if you live in Aarhus, near Aarhus or just come by. Our showroom is located at the address Gunnar Clausens Vej 58, 8260 Viby J, which is right on the outskirts of Aarhus.

We look forward to meeting you or hearing from you if you have any questions. Last but not least, we would just recommend you to go in and follow us on social media, if you do not already do so in advance. We regularly update our various platforms with offers, news, competitions, inspiration, tips and much more. So hurry up and follow us on our social platforms. We can be found on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. wishes you a very good pleasure.