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Field gear

When you go on a military operation or mission, it is essential to have the right equipment with you, so you are prepared for a bit of everything. In other words, you should never go down on gear. It is also not an option because exists. We have a large selection of all the equipment that you may be missing. Our selection of field gear spans a very wide range, and consists of everything from parachute cords, ID holders, velcro marks and writing equipment that are suitable for the field. You can find everything in field gear in our large selection both online and in our store.

Field gear for all occasions

With us you will find a really large selection of all the necessary field gear. We have made sure that there is a good mix of the necessary products, which provides a large selection, so you will find what helps to make your trip in the field a little easier. At the same time, we are very much in favor of the quality being as high as possible. That is why we have reached out to the best brands in field gear, all of which are known for maintaining a high standard in terms of quality. Their products have become part of our range, so you can always buy the best field gear from us. One of those brands is Princeton Tec, which is mainly there to light up the world. They produce lamps for a lot of different purposes and in many different forms. If you are missing a new flashlight for your weapon or perhaps a new flashlight for your helmet, then Princeton Tec has covered you. With a product from them, you always get a lamp of the highest quality and with the latest technology. If you do not need a new flashlight, but are perhaps looking for carabiners, ropes for the field or even a toiletry bag, then German Mil-Tec has just what you need. Mil-Tec has an incredible number of years of experience, which they make the best use of. This is really a large selection at really good prices. If you look through the rest of our large selection, you will come across a wealth of different brands in different price ranges, so there is something for everyone. Here is something for all the necessary situations in the field.

Outdoor friendly gear

If you buy field gear at, you get some durable gear that can last for a bit of everything. Although writing equipment may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about equipment for the field. Then it can sometimes be extremely important to take notes e.g. on a military operation. That's why we have a large selection of stationery that can hold most things. We sell, among other things, the brand Rite in the Rain, which are specialists in stationery for outdoor use. Rite in the Rain offers everything from paper, notebooks, pens and folders. Rain is usually a challenge if you have to write notes or otherwise use paper outside. Rite in the Rains paper is impregnated and is therefore 100% water-repellent, so you can easily take notes in pouring rain. At the same time, it is made from recyclable materials, and must therefore be described as environmentally friendly products.

In addition to our large selection of various field gear and writing equipment, we also have a wide range of velcro brands for the bag, combat vest or uniform.

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No matter what kind of field gear you are looking for, you can buy it from us. If you need the products in a hurry, we always offer fast delivery on stock items. In addition to this, we have a low prices on our products. You are also always welcome to contact our customer service via email We can vouch for all our products, and therefore we are sure that you get a product that lives up to your expectations. We wish you a pleasant stay with your purchase.