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Do you have an interest in shooting sports? Then you have come to the right place. At we sell a wealth of various types of equipment in this category. Here, among other things. talk about weapon parts, shooting accessories, weapons as well as products for maintenance and repair of your weapons. When it comes to firearms, it is a relatively broad concept when it comes to the use of firearms. This is because these boats can include mechanical firearms or handguns. One of the things that makes this sport unique is that the physical characteristics of the athlete do not play a significant role in this type of sport, which is quite unique. Thus, it is neither necessary to be young nor strong, which makes this shooting really exciting for everyone, regardless of size and purchase. It just requires that one has experience with handling firearms. When it comes to shooting sports, it is very much about concentration, focus and not least commitment. All of these are keywords if you have a desire to create some cool results out on the shooting range - and who does not? For many, shooting sports help to create a much-needed respite from everyday anguish. Sure, this sport has many years behind it, but it is still extremely popular.

The history of shooting

Shooting is one of the biggest sports in the world, which is performed completely individually. Both in civilian and in military contexts, this sport has historical roots and it is a sport and leisure interest for all. In fact, the sport of shooting was part of the Olympic Games from the very beginning back in 1896. Biathlon has also been a fairly regular discipline at the Winter Olympics since 1960.

What exactly is shooting sport about?

Shooting sports actually fall under the term sport, where it is a matter of the athletes within a certain period of time and distance firing a fixed number of shots with a so-called sports firearm against a ring-divided target. When it comes to sport firearms, it can be a rifle, a pistol, a revolver or a shotgun. You can even shoot at moving targets. These can be slices in motion with the shape of a wild boar - what is called wild target shooting. There may also be clay pigeon shooting, where the clay pigeons are thrown from so-called throwing machines, and it is then a matter of hitting them. This type of sport shooting is called escape shooting. This shooting position can also take place in a standing, lying or kneeling position. It is very popular to participate in these forms of competitive shooting. It can either be as a hobby or as a bold activity and challenge with ones peers or colleagues.

Get ready with equipment from

As mentioned above, we have gathered a great online selection of gear on this page. If you need help and guidance, you can contact our customer service at the email address If you want to shop online, we just want to remind you that we offer fast fast delivery in the case of stock items. Weapons and ammunition can not be sent by regular mail. We are well aware that the waiting time can be long once you have ordered your new item home, and can not wait to get it in use. That is why we have done our best to make the delivery time, and thus your waiting time, as short as possible. We hope you find what you are looking for and we hope you enjoy the purchase.