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Card pockets and accessories

When you need to find your way, your card is your best friend. For countless decades, man has relied on the four corners of the world that are today used to navigate printed maps. Nature can be harsh, whether it's a scorching sun, rain or wind, which is hard for the printed cards. They can be damaged very quickly during your trip in nature. To reach safely in the right direction, it is of course essential to be able to protect and take care of one's card. With a card pocket from, you are well dressed for changing weather conditions and are only a glance away from being able to follow the planned route with certainty.

Avoid getting lost

The card pockets have endless uses and can be used again and again. Whether you are going on an Antarctic hike or sightseeing in Rome, it is important to have the right map pocket to help you have an overview of your route. The card pocket is made of a waterproof material, so you can place your card in the pocket in print during your excursions. The waterproof material ensures that the card pocket can always keep the card protected on the trip.

Choose the right card pocket

When you need to find the right one, it is important to be aware of your needs. At, the range includes products from the brands SealLine and Savotta. The SealLine products have low weight and are produced in durable, flexible and UV-resistant material. This makes the pockets incredibly suitable for scouts, orienteering runners, sightseeing as well as for personal papers such as passports.

The card pockets are closed either with a waterproof zipper or with a secure roll down system that provides easy access to the contents of the pocket. In addition, the card pockets can be selected in 3 different sizes (small, medium and large) depending on your specific needs. The card pockets are equipped with rings that make it possible to fasten the card pocket in all corners, so they can easily be worn in the belt strap or around the neck.

If you are going out in more violent weather, the manufacturer makes Savotta card pockets that are frost and impact resistant, which gives a hugely robust card pocket. In Savotta's models, you have the option of storing all your important things in it, where you have different divisions for both a flashlight and a pen.

Buy your next card pocket online or in our showroom

You can of course buy all our card pockets online at, and we make sure to send it away the same weekday, in the case of stock items. You get free shipping when you order for more than DKK 499 and should you, against all expectations, find the product cheaper at another retailer here in Denmark, we also have a price guarantee.

If you want to experience our different models within card pockets, you can also see them in our showroom at Gunnar Clausens Vej 58, 8260 Viby J, where our competent staff is ready with advice and guidance. Remember that you are always more than welcome to contact us if you have any questions. We are ready both on telephone 71 99 63 61, on the email and on chat to help you.