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At we take pride in the fact that everyone must be able to afford the best gear, and as a police officer you can not afford to go down on equipment. You must be able to act quickly and have all tools at hand, so you are prepared for all situations that may arise. That is why we offer a large selection of various police belts, pockets and pouches from different brands. 

Top quality police belts

Our equipment is top professional and of the best quality. All products are specially designed in robust and durable materials. Our range of police belts has received waterproof treatment, which protects the police belts from moisture and rain. The police belts are quick to put on and quick to take off again. They can be fastened according to the width around the waist and can therefore be adapted to all types of body structures, so that they sit firmly and securely when worn.

Police belt according to your needs's police belts are designed to be able to integrate with MOLLE and Slickstick systems, which makes it possible to add one or more of our pockets or pouches and connect them to your new police belt. That way, you can make the most of the belt's capacity and never have to go down on equipment. At we have something for everyone and therefore we sell a wide selection of our pouches and pockets, which are available as both single and double holders. Furthermore, we offer with and without closing mechanism as well as closing with or without buttons. That way, you can compose yourself according to your preferences. Check out our large and exciting selection of police pouches and pouches above. As an extra service to our customers, we at always offer 100 days free exchange. 

Need guidance so you get all your wishes fulfilled?

If you are in any way in doubt about the functionality of the products or the like, our skilled staff is always ready to help you in the best possible way. You are also always welcome to send our customer service an email at We strive to respond to all inquiries as quickly as possible.  Whether you are a police officer on duty or you can just see all the benefits of a police belt so you have the opportunity to have gear within easy reach, take a look at our large selection today.