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Outdoor equipment

On this page you will find a large selection of practical outdoor equipment such as broken lights, carabiners, can openers, rubber cables, ropes, emergency compass, camping chairs and much more. These little things are often overlooked, but nonetheless, just the little tools can be crucial when going on a camping trip, scout trip, trekking, etc. On this page you will find outdoor equipment from the best brands on the market. We sell, among other things, AB Camping, Coghlan's, The North Face and many more quality brands.

Buy outdoor equipment from us

At , our goal is to be able to supply the best equipment for outdoor enthusiasts. Therefore, we only sell gear that we believe is absolutely useful, and which is not least of a good quality. When you stay in nature, you live off the equipment that you carry in your backpack. Here it is important to always be prepared for the unexpected situations that can arise quickly. Should the accident occur, it is important to have your equipment in order. A good motto is that you should never go down on gear.

Duct tape - your indispensable companion

One product that we sell a lot of on this site is without a doubt duct tape. Duct tape is a strong cotton-woven tape that can be used for an incredible number of things. We have duct tape in many different qualities and with different properties, such as fire-retardant and waterproof duct tape. If you need to repair or seal your tent, tarpaulin or even your hiking boots, the duct tape is the friend you should always have with you in your bag when you are out in nature. Another indispensable product for walks in nature is the elastic cord. With an elastic cord, you can attach various items to your backpack and thus keep track of your packing.

Outdoor equipment online

Are you for the more comfortable camping life, or are you going to one of this year's festivals, a folding chair is a must have. We have a good selection of folding chairs, which can easily be brought on the trip. The models range from the classic, affordable folding chair to the patented TREO chair, which is incredibly comfortable and can be folded so that it can be in the backpack. Other things that you will find on this page include carabiners, rain ponchos, hiking poles and camping baths. Take a look at our online shop and find the necessary outdoor equipment for your next trip out into nature. We deliver your goods fast!