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Beach tents

At we have a large selection of tents for different purposes and in different sizes. On this page you will find our selection of beach tents, which are ideal to take with you when you go to the beach. However, they can not be used exclusively on a beach trip, as they can also be used at festivals, in the garden or other places where you need to be protected from the sun's rays. All the tents are of incredibly high quality, as we at only want to offer our customers quality equipment. only sells the cool gear.

Beach tent with UV protection

The fight against cancer recommends that you stay in the shade on midday, as it is during this time period that the sun's UV radiation is strongest. If you need to stay outdoors in the sun during this period, a beach tent from is therefore the ideal solution, as it can be used to shield from the sun. If you want a beach tent with UV protection, you have come to the right place, as all the products on this page contain UV protection, and a beach tent can thus help reduce the risk of sunburn. If you have a baby or a child, you should definitely take a look at this page as it is incredibly important that children are not exposed to sunburn. To avoid this you can find a UV beach tent for children on this page.

Pop up beach tent: easy and convenient

With a classic pop up beach tent from it does not get easier. Whether you are going to the beach, to a festival or something completely different, a pop up beach tent is both incredibly easy to bring and incredibly easy to set up. The pack size of a pop up beach tent is minimal, as is the weight, making it easy and convenient to carry, no matter where you go. In addition, a beach tent not only protects from the sun. It also protects against wind and the bottom is 100% waterproof.

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If you need a beach tent with UV protection, you have come to the right place, and we often have good offers and discounts. At we can warmly recommend one from this site, and we are sure that you will be extremely satisfied with a purchase with us. To make your shopping as easy as possible, we have a number of benefits that should make it easy and convenient to shop gear online. We have, among other things, fast delivery of stock items and free exchange. In addition, we also have a lot of gearfreaks internally in customer service, who are ready to help you via email if you have any questions. We hope you find the product you are looking for and that you will not hesitate to contact us.