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Binocular mounting

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Binocular mount for any situation

You have your rifle and your binoculars, but they must be linked. This is done with binocular mounting which can be easily adjusted to the sight and makes sure everything is in place.

Fault in the rifle

Most often, a binocular mount can be the biggest cause of rifle failure. It is most often related to not thinking about how important a part it is of the rifle as a whole and therefore you can buy these for cheap. If you buy a really expensive rifle, you should also set aside money to get some good mounting rings. There are different types of both steel and aluminum, which gradually match each other in quality. When you have to mount the binocular assembly yourself, it is important that you can somehow check the binoculars' zero point to ensure that they are seated correctly. If this is not an option, you can always have a gunsmith check the assembly for you.

Mounting rings for the sight

The binocular assembly itself can be fixed with screw glue and the mounting rings themselves can be used with glue to ensure that the binoculars do not advance after the recoil. There are different types of mounting for your sight. Detachable assemblies look really nice and are really easy to use and at the same time very quick to replace. This is what makes the detachable assembly so flexible and easy to use. It also makes it possible to use several aiming devices on the same rifle. With a fixed mounting, you are not able to just replace as it suits you. This means that the binocular assembly itself must be fitted completely straight into the holes of the rifle. If the rifle holes are not straight, you can not mount the assembly and you must therefore turn the bases and it is not something you can do yourself, as this requires special tools.

Which binocular mount should be used?

When choosing an assembly, you must first decide whether you want a fixed assembly or a detachable assembly. There are pros and cons to both. As a general rule, there are fewer errors on fixed mounts as there is no chance that the user can make a mistake when mounting. Since there are not many parts either, there are fewer things that can break and due to this, a fixed assembly also has a lower price. However, you must be aware of the storage and especially if you are going on a longer journey, as there may be damage during transport. With a fixed mounting, you can only use one sight. A detachable binocular mount has become more and more popular and you can replace your sight and practice several types of hunting with the same rifle.

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