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At , we undoubtedly sell the market's best products within military, outdoor and hunting. On this page you will find our selection of protection and waterproofing, which comes from the market's most popular brands. You will find, among others, Hanwag and Granger's, which are behind the Fabsil brand.

Most people have probably experienced that their outerwear or boots are not waterproof and therefore take in water. The experience of wet and cold feet during hiking or hunting will probably detract from the desired experience. However, this can be avoided if you use a protection of your gear before use. An impregnation goes in and protects your gear by placing a film on the surface that cannot be seen. It forms a fantastic water-repellent surface, which makes your gear much less susceptible to oil, dirt and grease stains, which you will greatly appreciate. At the same time, the service life will be significantly extended. Impregnation can be used on almost all types of surfaces, and the type you should choose depends on what you need to treat. You can treat tents, tarpaulins, jackets, trousers, shoes, boots etc. and our products are made of different materials. Some products will be specifically designed to treat boots, while others are made specifically for tents. The specific products will state the purpose of the product.

Environmental responsibility

Granger's developed the first environmentally friendly water-based impregnation over 40 years ago, and since then they have worked hard to reduce environmental impacts. Granger's believes that independent recommendations are the only way to really show your green intentions. They are the first and so far only manufacturer of impregnation that is both an ISO 14001 certified and a bluesign® system partner. Bluesign® is the leading independent standard for environmentally friendly products in the textile industry. At the same time, all Granger's Wash-In products are designed to be used at temperatures down to 30 ° C, thereby reducing electricity consumption by up to 40%. And because Granger's products last longer, there is less need to impregnate the clothes as often. Independent tests have also shown that Granger's and Fabsil products are more long-lasting than their competitors' products.

Impregnation application

There are several different uses of impregnation. Some are washed on, others sprayed on while there are also some where the treatment is massaged into the material. Which method you should use depends on both the products and what you think is easiest. The most important thing is that you get your waterproofing evenly distributed over the entire surface.

Whatever you need to treat, it is important that you start with a thorough cleaning. If it is a tent, for example, it is important to clean it both inside and out. Remember to let the product dry after cleaning so that it is not wet when you start your impregnation. You can advantageously use a Universal Spray Cleaner to clean the surface. When the surface is clean, apply the impregnation to the surface that you want to make water-repellent. If droplets form during application, they can be rubbed in with a soft and clean cloth. When the surface is completely dry, your gear is protected and ready to be exposed to rain and dirt. In the videos below you can see a guide for treating shoes and boots and you can see a guide for treating jackets, pants, tents etc. These videos we have made at ourselves, and do you have questions for them or some of our products, of course, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to help and assist with any questions you may have in relation to our equipment.

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