is a premium dealer of the American brand 5.11. This means that we can offer you additional benefits and a much wider range of equipment.

5.11 is highly acclaimed for their cooperation with the US police and the FBI, which also says a lot about the quality of their equipment. At the same time, they are an important player in the crossfit world, where their products are used by top athletes worldwide.

As we are a 5.11 premium dealer, we have the opportunity to sell the entire collection of equipment, even if the products may not appear on our website. You will find a wide selection of clothing and equipment within the categories Military, Hunting and Outdoor.

This cooperation with 5.11 is the perfect match for us since we both donít compromise in regards to quality and comfort.

As we are a premium dealer, we get these perks:

  • We get a lot of news before other dealers

  • We make campaigns and offers in collaboration with 5.11

  • As a 5.11 Premium Dealer, we have the top 50 products in our range. That way you can be sure that we always have a large selection

  • We are visited by staff from 5.11 in our Danish physical store, which gives you customers the opportunity to meet them and have a chat

  • 5.11 has set up our physical store / showroom in Denmark

  • 5.11 trains and trains our staff in the product range so that we can provide the best possible guidance. We are a large dealer and can therefore deliver sharp prices

  • We have a large number of products in stock, which ensures fast delivery

  • Weekly delivery directly from 5.11, so we always have their awesome clothing and equipment in stock

If you want to hear more or see the many awesome products from 5.11, then our well-trained staff will be ready on the phone or by e-mail to help you.